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Why No Fear: Diary Of A Stem Cell Transplant Patient A Story Of A Fight That Only God Could Win

Why No Fear: Diary of a Stem Cell Transplant Patient a Story of a Fight That Only God Could Win

by Linda R Harmon

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We never know what tomorrow will bring us whether with family, financial, health, or other issues. An annual medical checkup for Linda at the age of nearly sixty-two in December 2006 resulted in the worst words you would want to hear, “you have cancer.” Subsequent medical tests and oncologist evaluations resulted in the next worst words to hear, “you have myelodysplastic syndrome cancer and your ‘pink-slip’ gives you twenty-four to thirty-six months to live.” And these words were followed by “you need to get your affairs in order.” Discussions with the doctor indicated they would keep her as comfortable as possible through treatments by chemotherapy, blood transfusions, shots of procrit and neupogen, as well as, pain and other comforting medicines.
What do you do with this death sentence given to you by the medical profession when you feel you are in the prime of your life and have so much to look forward to in the future? Do you give up and go along with the doctors recommendations? Or do you put on the armor of God and fight?
Linda chose to fight armed with God’s sword of the spirit, breastplate of righteousness, loins girded with truth, and sandals wrapped with the hope of peace. The next three years were no cake-walk, but many times felt like hell-on-earth. This is the story and diary record of how she won with her faithfulness to God and His faithfulness to her.
We hope you can gain strength from the story of the fight that “only God could win.”






























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